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Every member of Ed's Club enjoys the fun of staying up-to-date with events at Ed's and will have access to exclusive Ed's offers from time to time. Every member receives:

  • A 'Welcome to Ed's Club' e-mail when they join
  • A special 'Welcome Meal Deal' with that e-mail
  • A Free Ed's Shake on their birthday
  • Exclusive 'Ed's Club Offers' from time to time
  • An invitation to get an 'Ed’s Club Loyalty Card'*

For even more rewards, Ed's Club members can apply for and use their 'Eds Club Loyalty Card' to collect credit at participating Diners*. For every £1 you spend you'll earn 10p credit on your card, which you can redeem during a future visit. Your ‘Welcome to Ed’s Club’ e-mail describes how easy it is to get your Loyalty Card

If you’re not a member of Ed’s Club yet then don’t delay – sign up here and get your special ‘Welcome Meal Deal’ e-mailed to you.

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*Ed’s loyalty card can only be used to collect rewards at participating diners; our Shakes Stands or Shake ’n’ Dog Stands are not included.

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