What can I eat?

Working closely with a professional nutritionist, we have developed a comprehensive guide to the products sold at every Ed’s Easy Diner. This information is available here on-line, and on request at every Diner to assist you when you visit.

We have produced it to help you make informed choices from our menu, and it should be particularly beneficial to anyone who takes an interest in what they are eating, as well as those who are controlling their diet or who must, for various reasons, avoid certain foods.

We review and amend the data on a regular basis. We require our suppliers to provide us with the necessary facts for every item that we purchase from them, and to notify us at once in the event of any change. The availability of this information is a common feature of all our food and drink suppliers; our approach to the selection and management of these companies is described elsewhere, in the website area “Quality Assured“.

Important considerations regarding the Allergen Information

The allergen information in the Allergen Guide is based upon our recipes and their ingredients, and the data and specifications provided by our suppliers. However, some items in our kitchens contain nuts, seeds, egg, milk, and wheat and other gluten-containing products, and it is impossible for us to guarantee complete separation or absence of cross-contamination of these items during the preparation and cooking of our dishes.

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