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Assured Food Standards Prime British Beef

At Ed’s we have worked hard with our suppliers to ensure that every item we sell is of the highest quality. We will continue to maintain this responsible approach in the future.


Quality food comes from quality suppliers, and at Ed’s we are diligent in choosing supplier partners who can trace every product back to its source. We like to change both our products and suppliers infrequently, and do not allow either to be substituted without our knowledge and consent. A permanent change of product or supplier does not take place until our required checks have been completed.

At our request we have obtained from our suppliers full sourcing details of every item of food that we buy, and the standards under which they have been produced. Understandably, on Ed’s Easy Diner’s menu, the highest level of due diligence in this area is required for meat, meat products and dairy items.

A starting point is the Country of Origin, that has to be clearly and unambiguously stated by each producer. Our hamburgers beef is British, as is milk, our free-range eggs, and our bacon is from the UK or Ireland.

This information is supplemented by detailed statements provided by the producers themselves, and the standards and compliance regime which they apply to their production : we know, for example, that our chicken is from a producer in Thailand whose standards of both animal welfare and hygiene exceed EU requirements and whose customers include some of the largest food retailers and restaurant companies in the UK.

Our suppliers are keen to reassure their customers of the procurement standards that they set. A good example is the butcher that makes our hamburgers, who are part of the ‘Farm Assured’ scheme, more widely recognised by its Red Tractor symbol (www.redtractor.org.uk) only includes farmers whose standards of husbandry, welfare and environmental protection on-farm meet nationally agreed and inspected standards.

Our non-animal and non-dairy food items are mainly fruit and vegetables; in the main these are from the UK, but when the season dictates otherwise, are nearly always from other European countries. Our fries are produced in Holland from Dutch potatoes, usually Agria variety, and are delivered chilled, not frozen, to each of our Diners.


There is little point in sourcing high quality products and then not preparing them correctly. The comprehensive training provided at Ed’s Easy Diner focusses on two main areas : cooking and food presentation, and statutory health and hygiene training.

The first of these, the correct preparation of every dish, is carried out in each Diner by a qualified trainer, who works alongside the kitchen team member until their practical skill level is judged satisfactory, and they have passed the written ‘Ed’s Kitchen Training’ exam paper.

The training in food safety, kitchen and personal hygiene, safe food practices and health & safety is carried out both face-to-face and on-line by a specialist consultant, retained by Ed’s for this purpose (www.cocoms.co.uk). The standard required is high; all team members qualify for the Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate, with the chefs going on to qualify for Level 2.


We believe that in diligently maintaining our Food Policy we can ensure that our customers will be served products purchased, prepared and served to the highest standard.

Our beef is British, as is our hamburgers, milk and our free-range eggs, and our bacon if from the UK or Ireland.

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