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Ed's Quiz

We’ve all sat in an Ed’s Easy Diner at some time, sure that we recognise that song and the name of the singer. So now’s your opportunity to test your knowledge of 1950’s-era music and media by entering  

           ‘Ed’s 20:20 Quiz’.

There’s a new question every month, and no first prize! There are 20 Gift Vouchers each worth £20 available to win every month, these are chosen at random to those who have answered correctly! Enter now  -  at Ed’s we love rewarding our friends.

This month’s question: "Wooly ........"?

   - Mammouth
   - Bully
   - Pully

Last month's question: At what time did “Little Suzie” finally wake up?

The correct answer is '4:00 am'

There were 876 entries, the majority were correct and £20 Vouchers are on their way to the winners.

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